Why Her Not Me Part 2: He Ain't No R.E.A.L. Man
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Why Her Not Me Part 2: He Ain't No R.E.A.L. Man

Truth Chapter Two: He Ain’t No R.E.A.L Man

One of the biggest problems women have in relationships with men is that they either choose bad men or they are naturally attracted to the wrong kinds of men. The wrong type of man is someone who is unloving, irresponsible, uneducated, and lacks ambition. Once a woman allows herself to be emotionally, physically and psychologically bogged down with this type of man, the results are often catastrophic. The fact is that this type of man has so many deficiencies it’s no wonder he leaves a good woman for a woman he can control and devalue.  As I stated in my first book, How To Attract a R.E.A.L. Man, the acronym for REAL is Responsible, Educated, Ambitious and Loving. If you’re a REAL woman and you are in a relationship with a dude who lacks any of these qualities, chances are it will end badly. Although it may be hurtful in the moment, this type of man has actually done you a favor by freeing you and becoming someone else’s problem to deal with. To be clear, this chapter is dedicated to those good women who do have a gold standard of value who unfortunately just gave their love to the wrong type of guy. I empathize with the good ladies who gave all they had to a man who could not receive all of the love, support and goodness being given. Do not blame yourself or wonder why he left any longer!  The real reason he left you despite all you gave was because he was damaged goods! He was damaged when you met him and no matter how much you gave, all he did was take and destroy! These type of men lack the capacity to love, the capacity to give, the capacity to sacrifice for something greater than themselves. A real man has to be willing to put in the work to overcome the obstacles that lay in his path.  A real man has to be willing to forgive those who hurt him prior to meeting you and to release the pain that holds him in emotional bondage. A real man has to be able to visualize something bigger than himself and set goals to accomplish his dreams! A real man must be able to seek out a spiritual source that strengthens his foundation and builds his faith! If a broken man feels threatened by you because you make more money than him, he’ll leave you.  If a broken man can’t control you sexually, financially or mentally, he’ll leave you. If you put too many expectations on a broken man that he cannot live up to, he will leave you for a woman with little to no expectations.  Again, he may never tell you the true reason he leaves but as a REAL man, I’m telling you now!  These in fact are the main reasons, simple and plain!  Many women ask me, where are the real men and how can they identify a real man? There are always signs and usually the proof is right in front of you. However, many women choose to ignore the signs because the heart wants what it wants and many women wind up making decisions that end up ruining their lives. Do yourselves a favor ladies before you commit to another man, check to see if he is responsible, educated, ambitious and loving! The true definition of a REAL man!

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