How Indie Soul Can Take it To The "Next Level"
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How Indie Soul Can Take it To The "Next Level"

Good news! There's a strong movement within the indie soul community that's starting to bubble up from the underground and gain momentum. No longer relegated to obsurity, I believe indie soul can continue to blossom into the future. The key however, will be for the best indie soul artists/songwriters/producers/executives to maintain a level of consistency. The focus needs to be in these following areas. (1) quality music (2) promotion & marketing (3) social media/brand awareness (4)l live venues/booking/tour support (5) top digital & streaming radio platforms.(6) sponsorship/product placement. Ideally, the best indie soul singers can network with and become opening acts for mainstream R&B artists with name recognition who've gone independent. Artists like Musiq SoulChild, Chante Moore, Johnny Gill, Maysa, Stokley etc. have gone independent and provided an opportunity for other indie soul artist to piggyback on their movement. As with anything, it will take money, vision & cooperation to see this all come to fruition. From what I can see, top platforms such as, IVybe_Radio,, SiriusXM Heart & Soul, Mi Soul Connoisseurs   and Neo2soul Promotions among others have already opened their arms to the indie soul community. However, not everybody should be allowed to come in and join the party. In order for indie soul to sustain any level of credibilty and become viable, the best singers need to be with the best producers, music executives and songwriters. To keep it 100 and all the way real, too many indie artists lack the vision and self awareness necessary to become a viable artist. Egos will need to be checked and tough love will be mandatory if this indie soul thing can ever prosper. However, great leadership will be needed!  Folks like Chris Clay, Chris Rizik, JM Soul, Carl Barrington Webster, Franklin Sinclair, Bey Bright and Godfrey Fletcher are just a few of the indie soul visionaries and talents needed to move the indie soul game forward to prosperity. Also, indie friendly platforms like,, Tunecore, CDBaby, SoundExchange, SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify,, Internet Broadcast Alliance and Digital Radio Tracker are all platforms that any serious indie soul artist should consider aligning themselves with to take their career and business to that next level! 

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