The Independent Woman:Is It a Flawed Creation
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The Independent Woman:Is It a Flawed Creation

Over the past 20 years or so, the independent woman has been on the rise throughout society. They have been empowered through higher education, fruitful employment, social organizations, the media etc. The independent woman of all races have also greatly benefited from affirmative action policies that were put in place for various reasons and now have leveled the playing field in a so called "man's world".
Congratulations ladies on a job well done! When given a fair chance to shine and be granted access to "the game", you've capitalized on every opportunity available to you and in many cases, you have overachieved, become a major player and have advanced your quality of life. But have you really? And if so, at what cost? 
I like to challenge all of the independent women I run across in my travels. Whether at a book expo, workshops, or at the many book parties I do, I challenge those independent women to ask themselves the tough questions.
Although there are many questions to ask the independent woman, the most pertinent question I ask the independent woman to ponder is this one. Do you have true balance in your life?  I'm referring to Spiritual, Emotional, Mental & Financial Balance.
If they are truly honest with themselves, I can almost guarantee that the answer will be a resounding NO more times than not! Why? Because it is humanly impossible to take care of every life need effectively, on your own at all times, by yourself! God made man and woman to co-exist in harmony and to share a life of prosperity and abundance together!  I encourage the independent woman to reevaluate her position on that independence and ask herself, with all of this education I've acquired, am I truly being smart about my decision to do everything on my own?  #imjustsayin
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