The Perils of Indifference
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The Perils of Indifference

When did the world become so indifferent?  Indifferent towards their family, their friends and society at large.  The winds of change have already begun to blow and life's temperature has dropped to an all time arctic cold metaphorically speaking.
However, many of us have not adjusted to the change in temperature and are still in our tank tops, bermuda shorts and flip flops. Unaware, many of us will endure future suffering  due to our inertia and inability to fight our chronic indifference.
When I speak of indifference, it reminds me of a silent, killer gas that is odorless & exists in our everyday circumference. We remain unaware of its exsistence although it is killing us slowly. Those of us who are aware, rationalize that it's not that bad and we will somehow survive its damaging effects.
Mankind's sense of neglect, detatchment, and overall disinterest in anything unrelated to its own personal security and instant gratification must be combated on all fronts for the good of society at large.  Indifference toward self and others causes alienation, insensitivity, disregard, negligence & inertia.  The real danger in these traits are that they stymie the growth and potential of human development and achievment.
Will you allow yourself and your children to perish physically, mentally & emotionally from indifference? The time for self motivation and action is now!
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