Do Most Women Really Want to be Married?
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Do Most Women Really Want to be Married?

The 21st Century Woman is truly a new phenomenon!  What exactly do I mean by that?  In 2013, as an author and expert of love and relationships, one thing has become apparently clear. Many women of all races and ethnicities no longer desire to be married! The reason is simple!  Many women have lost all sense of what men are looking for in a wife and truthfully speaking, no longer care or want the responsibilities associated with being a wife! 
Oh sure, there are plenty of women and so called experts out there who will suggest that most women still fantasize about walking down the aisle in that beautiful white wedding gown and living happily ever after with their true soul mate. But in reality, the whole thought of being a wife has lost its luster for many ladies. Oddly enough, when dating or while married, women still want all of the perks of a "traditional man/woman relationship" but don't want to make the sacrifices necessary to receive such treatment.
Many women today between the ages of 18-55, have adopted a "I wanna do me" attitude in which they want to do things on their own terms and no longer want to feel held hostage by so called male expectations & demands.
The 21st Century Woman wants to completely re-write the game in which they are now the ballers and shot callers!  Think I'm making this up? Just turn on the TV and tune into any Real Housewives or Reality TV show and get a glimpse of the new reality. Or, just take a look at the global workforce to see how many women are making big bank and steadily climbing the corporate ladder.
Go to any major metropolitan city or travel abroad and you'll see women in packs just doing them and their attitude is usually "No Men Allowed"!  What's up with that?  Today's woman, while in a relationship or married want to do or constantly engage in the following activities:
1.Take all girls trips every year (sometimes more than one)
2.Go to the GENTLEMAN strip clubs and "make it rain" (what happened to the male strip club)
3.Overdose on their  need for independence
4.Have there own financial accounts and separate dwellings
5.Make it all about their kids and family (at the exclusion of their man)
Is it as crazy as it sounds?  According to many REAL men out there, "IT'S WORSE"!  Here's a reality check for all of the ladies out there who are highly educated, egocentric, highly compensated, fine, sexy & got it going on!  If you run into a REAL MAN who is your equal or superior and has everything on your wish list, chances are he's just not gonna be that into you. And although women have changed, the truth of the matter is REAL Men have not and are not likely to anytime soon.
My advice ladies, get yourself a pet and a nice sex toy for your golden years!  You're gonna need it!
So the question remains, Do most women really want to be married?
Love is Love,
Bey aka The R.E.A.L. Man
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