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Your Love- Bey Bright feat. Ezinne
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Creating a New 21st Century Relationship Playbook For Men

Attention all ALPHA MEN! The 21st century relationship landscape between men and women has changed dramatically! Many men are finding it hard to adjust and are finding themselves totally off balance, dazed, confused and on the losing end of the game in this new reality. In the last 10 years or so, we've seen mainstream media totally flip the script and try to make the alpha man obsolete in society. The female empowerment movement in conjunction with the LGBT agenda, have made things somewhat tricky for the traditional alpha male to navigate.

How Indie Soul Can Take it To The "Next Level"

Good news! There's a strong movement within the indie soul community that's starting to bubble up from the underground and gain momentum. No longer relegated to obsurity, I believe indie soul can continue to blossom into the future. The key however, will be for the best indie soul artists/songwriters/producers/executives to maintain a level of consistency. The focus needs to be in these following areas. (1) quality music (2) promotion & marketing (3) social media/brand awareness (4)l live venues/booking/tour support (5) top digital & streaming radio platforms.

Why Her Not Me Part 2: He Ain't No R.E.A.L. Man

Truth Chapter Two: He Ain’t No R.E.A.L Man

One of the biggest problems women have in relationships with men is that they either choose bad men or they are naturally attracted to the wrong kinds of men. The wrong type of man is someone who is unloving, irresponsible, uneducated, and lacks ambition. Once a woman allows herself to be emotionally, physically and psychologically bogged down with this type of man, the results are often catastrophic. The fact is that this type of man has so many deficiencies it’s no wonder he leaves a good woman for a woman he can control and devalue.

Why Her Not Me: The Truth About Why Men Choose The Other Woman Part One

Why Her, Not Me? The Harsh Truth on Why Men Choose The Other Woman


Many women throughout history have been at a loss as to why the man whom they loved, cherished & sacrificed for,totally broke their hearts. For reasons unknown to them, they just broke off the relationship. Not only did they just leave them unexpectedly, in fact,
they left them for another woman!

For a woman in love, this has to be one of the most devastating events she could ever endure in her life.  This type of betrayal shakes a woman to the core, often times breaking her spirit in the process.

The Independent Woman:Is It a Flawed Creation

Over the past 20 years or so, the independent woman has been on the rise throughout society. They have been empowered through higher education, fruitful employment, social organizations, the media etc. The independent woman of all races have also greatly benefited from affirmative action policies that were put in place for various reasons and now have leveled the playing field in a so called "man's world".
Congratulations ladies on a job well done! When given a fair chance to shine and be granted access to "the game", you've capitalized on every opportunity available to you and in many cases, you have overachieved, become a major player and have advanced your quality of life.

Is Reality TV Having a Negative Impact on Relationships

Everyday I ask myself the same question. Are men and women going in completely opposite directions with regards to love and relationships? Has the successful, independent, and ambitious woman totally given up on marriage and so called traditional love? Have men totally lost faith in finding that good woman with whom he can start a family and create the Huxtable lifestyle he'd always envisoned? With the onslaught of reality tv programming the minds of both men and women seven days a week, it is not a stretch to suggest that reality tv may be having an adverse effect on normal relationships between regular people. The number one issue in most relationships revolve around finances. The lux lifestyle being depicted on shows like Alanta Housewives, The Kardashians, Shahs of Sunset, Mob Wives etc., create unrealistic expectations on regular, hard working guys to provide women with a lifestyle most cannot afford or maintain. The pressure to provide a ballerific lifestyle, the big house, luxury cars, Louis Vuitton bags & exotic trips create angst, frustration, and resentment amongst many men just looking to live a simple but quality life. In many cases, reality tv has created a quid pro quo within relationships. In other words, money for sex or an exchange for services rendered. My advice for those who indulge in reality tv on a regular basis is to be very careful of living in a world of fantasy and unrealistic expectations. Although a small handful of women can and will attain  the "lux life", it's best to pursue a quality relationship based around common interests, commitment, trust, love & faith. Love is Love. Bey

The Perils of Indifference

When did the world become so indifferent?  Indifferent towards their family, their friends and society at large.  The winds of change have already begun to blow and life's temperature has dropped to an all time arctic cold metaphorically speaking.
However, many of us have not adjusted to the change in temperature and are still in our tank tops, bermuda shorts and flip flops. Unaware, many of us will endure future suffering  due to our inertia and inability to fight our chronic indifference.

5 Keys To Life Success

As a life success coach and mentor, I'm often asked what are the keys to a successful life? Although there are many different paths to individual success, I have found that there are some qualities that translate well in every persons life.  Embrace these 5 quick tips for success and you are guaranteed to find success in your life's journey!

1. Be Personable- No one likes a sour puss or someone deemed as anti-social. Remember to smile & engage.

2. Dress To Impress- Contrary to popular belief, most people will judge a book by its cover!

Do Most Women Really Want to be Married?

The 21st Century Woman is truly a new phenomenon!  What exactly do I mean by that?  In 2013, as an author and expert of love and relationships, one thing has become apparently clear. Many women of all races and ethnicities no longer desire to be married! The reason is simple!  Many women have lost all sense of what men are looking for in a wife and truthfully speaking, no longer care or want the responsibilities associated with being a wife!
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