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Bright Vision Entertainment - "The Sound of Indie Soul"

BV Consulting assists independent artists in taking their music careers to the next level. With over 25 years of music business knowledge and experience, we are an ALL IN ONE service which provides REAL information indie artists need for success in today's music biz. Our goal is to guide and help navigate independent artists through the tricky pitfalls of the music business. At BV Consulting, we have already compiled the information for you! We provide artists with useful strategies and techniques along with providing our clients with specific information designed to help indie artists execute their vision and get their music out to the masses effectively!

BV Consulting assists you in these specific areas-  

(1.) Teaches you how to monetize your career by providing music business information critical to long term financial success. 

2. Helps expand your customer base through marketing & promotion ideas & solutions 

3. Provides REAL music industry contact information designed to assist you in forging solid/ long term relationships necessary to have a successful independent music career.

Email [email protected] and click the PayPal button below. Get your music career started now for just $125

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